Friday, 20 May 2016

Mercury and Venus

The Solar Sysyem has four rocky planets and the other planet are made out of gasses. Mercury and Venus are differennt from each other.
Extreme difference
Mercury and Venus are different in many ways. The differences between Mercury and Venus is that Mercury has no atmosphere and Venus has atmosphere. On Venus it is poisonous because the atmosphere is made out of poisonous gasses and when it rains the gasses make acid and that's how it rains on Venus.Mercuruy's suface is visible to see but Venus's surface is not visible.

There are some commonalites between Mercury and Venus. The  commonalites between Mercury and Venus is that they are two hot, rocky planets and when they are hot they shine like a star.When you look up you sometimes see these planets like cresent shape near the horizon, they are not always like this.Both theese planets are covered with craters on there surface.

we found that both these planets have more difference and some similartlites . But most of the difference is cause by the atmosphere on Venus.
By Henry

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