Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus are the two planets in our Solar System. These planets have lots of similarites and differences when compared.

Extreme Differences
Do you want to know the differences between Mercury and Venus? One of the major difference between Mercury and Venus is that Venus has an extreme atmostphere that contains poisonous clouds and makes acid rain. While Mercury and Venus both shine like a star, Venus looks brighter from Earth. But they are not stars, remember that. Mercury is the smallest planet in our Solar System.

Commonalities Between Mercury and Venus
There are some similarites between Mercury and Venus. Firstly they both are very hot planets because they are closest to the sun. On the other hand, they can sometimes kind of look like a cresant shape from Earth. Remember they don't always have this cresant shape, its only seen like this at the horizon. Both of these planets are made out of rocks and they have no moons.

If you ever land on Venus or Mercury watch out. It is possible that you won't survive for very long.
By Sophia

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