Friday, 13 May 2016

Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus are two planets of the solar system. These two planets have differences as well as similarities.
What a difference!
Mercury and Venus are two interesting planets. Although they have a lot of similarities they are even followed by differences. A shocking difference is that Venus has an atmosphere and that atmosphere is poisonous and it produces acid rain.Since it has a thick athmosphere the surface of Venus is not visible.While on the other hand Mercury has no athmosphere so its surface is visable.Also at night fall when you look up into the sky the brightest star like object is Venus because Venus is far more closer to Earth while Mercury is closer to the sun.
There is not that much similarities between Mercury and Venus. Since they are very close to the sun they are extremely hot! Also, since they are extremely hot at night they seem to shine like a star. Both of these planets are actually very rocky and it could be very dusty too. A lot of craters will be found everywhere on the surfaces of these two planets. Also these two planets have no moons at all. Do you know why? Well its because they are very close to the sun and if moons orbit around them, they will crash into the sun.
You might think that there is more similarities than differences between these two planets. But because of the atmosphere on Venus, the differences are extreme.


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