Friday, 20 May 2016

Mercury and Venus


Planets are fascinating to learn about even for me! In this story I'm going to talk about Venus and Mercury's differences and similarities. Venus and mercury are two of the eight planets in our Solar System, if you want to learn more then keep on reading!

Differences Are Interesting

Mercury and Venus are fascinating planets, although they have lots of differences we're very lucky to have them in our solar system. One of an incredibly huge difference between these two planets is that Mercury is just a calm, dry place with no atmosphere so its very visible while, Venus has an extremely explosive atmosphere with all the volcanos. Because of this nobody can survive on these planets. Now, on to the yellow clouds, Venus's surface is far too cloudy so thats why you can't see it properly, these clouds are not ordainary clouds, they produce acid! The acids fall as rain on Venus. Other than this, Venus also shines like a star and it looks the brightest from Earth, although its not a star. Mercury also is the smallest, and the closest to the sun while Venus is the second planet from the sun.


Between Mercury and Venus are lots of differences but also similarities, what I know about those two planets are, that they both can form crescent shapes during the night time. What they also have in common is that they have no living thing on it!, nothing, just nothing not even a single plant. What else well, nobody has ever like, ever had their foot on any of these two planets not even the bravest person could do it.Oh and, you know how you see craters on planets those are astroids that have bumped on the planets especially Venus and Mercury.   

Conclusion (Interesting Facts)

Mercury is known as the smalest planet in our solar system and the closest to the sun but Venus, the second closest to the sun is even hotter! and did you know that Venus is not the only one that has acid for rain?This story is done so I wonder, what do you think about this story? 

By Bonita.

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