Friday, 7 April 2017

Duck in the Pond

Duck in the pond

One day a duck named Buck was swimming in a pond. He was in that pond when he was a child, but his mother went to the wild. He liked to glide on the water but he couldn’t stop thinking about his mother. The sky was getting red so he ate some bread. Buck heard some rustling in the bushes, it scared him so he made some wishes. In those bushes was a sheep and then it said a little “Peep!” Buck was so lonely but he found a friend finally! Buck said “Hey wanna play?” And the sheep said “Yes I may!” Then they were playing with a ball and the sheep had quite a fall. “Ouch!” said sheep. “Are you ok?” said Buck. Sheep was fine but couldn’t whine. Buck liked sheep and learned how to peep.
By Jay

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